Retiring comfortably

Whether you have already retired, are close to retirement, or still some way off and building your retirement funds, we can help with your strategy.

How much do I need?

Have I got enough money to live comfortably after I retire? It’s a question we all ask ourselves.

We all want to enjoy life to the full in retirement, which is why having a financial plan in place to provide you with the right amount of income – both for your plans, and to ensure it lasts as long as it needs to – is essential.

It is important to consider other needs which may arise in the future too – such as long term care, or passing on your money to loved ones. We can help you to prioritise these areas.


Tax & allowances

Understanding tax, government allowances, and the advantages of saving into a tax-efficient pension is crucial. We also offer advice relating to the Lifetime Allowance and any potential tax charges which may apply.

We can work alongside your tax advisers to ensure you aren’t paying more tax than you need to, by making the most of all available tax allowances, as well as ensuring you avoid potential penalties from exceeding these allowances.


Reviewing existing arrangements

As you come closer to retirement, it is important that you review where your money is invested, and to consider factors such as reducing investment risk & adjusting the strategy.

We can review the pensions you are currently invested in to ensure they match your retirement plans, the investment choices are suitable, and that they are working as hard as they can for you.


What are my options for retirement?

Whilst the introduction of pension freedoms led to positive change for retirees, making a choice can be daunting and confusing.

Getting good advice is critical, and we can advise on the best options for you, whether that be an annuity, choosing a drawdown, or a mixture of these options.


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82% Client Satisfaction

82% of our clients are overall satisfied with the service they are receiving from us.

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