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About WHIreland Wealth Management

WHIreland has a long history of working within wealth management, managing the wealth of a diverse range of private, charity, corporate and institutional clients. As a leading wealth management firm, our focus is on providing you with clear, simple, jargon-free advice and to offer you a bespoke wealth management service, tailored to suit your needs.

As an award winning wealth management firm, we help our clients see the bigger investment  picture and ensure we have the right sense of perspective to achieve results.

While the key to successful wealth management is to never lose sight of our client’s long term goals, the skill is to make sure every decision counts towards them.

Our investment philosophy

Fundamental to our investment philosophy is that the money we invest is not ours. In simple terms, we aim to protect and grow wealth over time.

Latest news

Mid week update: 29 July 2020

The week to Tuesday’s close saw equity markets give up recent gains, with the UK falling 2.2%, Europe 3.2% and the US 1.2%. Multi-asset portfolios performed better, with some of those falls offset by Government bonds that showed modest gains and by gold, which remained in the limelight with a gain of 6.1% in US…


Mid-week update: 22 July 2020

The week to Tuesday’s close saw the UK FTSE 100 Index decline by 0.4%, the US S&P 500 Index rise by 1.0% and the Eurozone Index rise 0.4%. The global FTSE World Index added 1.3% in sterling, bring the three month total to 18.7%. Despite the apparent calm in markets the week was a busy one…


Investing in our rapidly changing world

The strange thing about history is how it seems to repeat itself again and again, with just the names and places changing.  New technologies disrupting cosy old world businesses, heightened geo-political tension, the rise and fall of Nations and opportunity is Asia and even China would be instantly recognisable to any Victorian investor.   But…


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