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WHIreland has a long history of working within global wealth management, managing the wealth of a diverse range of private, charity, corporate and institutional clients. As a leading wealth management firm, our focus is on providing you with clear, simple, jargon-free advice and to offer you a bespoke wealth management service, tailored to suit your needs.

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How can we help?

I’m looking to invest less than £150,000

For those looking for an expert discretionary investment service from £20,000, our Navigator portfolio offers three professionally managed investment strategies.


I’m looking to invest more than £150,000

A bespoke discretionary portfolio removes the need for you to react to fast moving markets and changing economy – your portfolio will be overseen by an investment expert.


I want to secure my financial future

Our expert wealth planning advice is a service rather than a product and the wealth planning advice that we provide is independent, unbiased, professional and jargon free.


I’m outside the UK or a UK expat

If you are based internationally, a UK resident non-domiciled individual or an expatriate living outside the UK, our international investment team may be able to assist you.


Finely crafted financial advice

Our private wealth management and investment experts have in-depth experience of financial markets combined with a strong focus on providing a friendly, straightforward and client-focused service. They can answer any queries, from general questions like ‘what is wealth management?’, through to technical questions about online and strategic wealth management.

Although discretionary wealth management is at the core of what we do, as a supportive wealth management company, we can also offer you a range of specialist investment solutions dependent upon your needs. These include a managed advisory service, advice for charities and a specialist Inheritance Tax (IHT) and Enterprise Investment Scheme (EIS) tax efficient portfolio service, as well as working towards securing your financial future via our holistic Wealth Planning service.

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Helping you see the bigger picture

As an award winning wealth management firm, we help our clients see the bigger investment picture and ensure we have the right sense of perspective to achieve results.

While the key to successful global wealth management is to never lose sight of our client’s long term goals, the skill is to make sure every decision counts towards them.

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What are you looking for today?

Our Mission

Our mission is to be a trusted investment adviser to our clients. We are dedicated to being a positive place for people to work, providing high-quality investment advice and a premier service to our clients.

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We give investment advice and objective proposals based upon what is best for our clients.
We base our decisions in a structured way and within an investment process which focuses on careful analysis, research and risk management.

Adept and adaptable, we are ready to react to change whenever it may come.


We thrive on building positive relationships where we can make a difference.


Our Investment Philosophy

Fundamental to our investment philosophy is that the money we invest is not ours. In simple terms, we aim to protect and grow wealth over time.


We have the following four proven beliefs

WH Ireland's investment philosophy

Contact us today to find out more about how our investment process works by calling one of our wealth management consultants.

They will also be happy to assist you with any other questions you might have on our expert and professional wealth management services. ​

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