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What makes us different?

Unlike most of our competitors, our portfolio management and custody charges are itemised separately, which means we are able to offer our custody charge VAT-free, giving you an overall cost saving at no detriment to the level of service you receive from us.

How much does it cost?


Financial Planning fee All plans 0.5%
Option 1: Bespoke Portfolio Portfolio/account tiers
First £1 million 0.6% + VAT
Next £1 million 0.45% + VAT
Next £3 million 0.3% + VAT
Balance Available upon request
Option 2: Model Portfolio Portfolio/account tiers
First £1 million 0.5%
Next £1 million 0.3%
Next £3 million 0.15%
Balance Available upon request
Custody charge
Custody charge covers all custody, safekeeping facilities and dealing costs.
WH Ireland add no further dealing commissions or transactions costs.
All plans 0.3%

Initial charges will apply in addition to ongoing charges for advice and recommendations for the establishment of new plans. Any initial consultation is free of charge. All initial fees will be agreed with you in advance. We can help you decide which investment management option is best for you.


Stamp duty on purchases of UK Equities/Investment Trusts 0.5%
Panel on Takeovers and Mergers Levy (transactions over £10,000 only in securities or companies incorporated in the UK) £1
CHAPS & cheque payments £25
Transfer in (electronic stock) Nil
Transfer out (per line of stock) £25
Certification of stock into own name or from own name £60