Why choose a Discretionary Portfolio Manager?

If you are looking to invest your assets a Discretionary Portfolio Manager can make life easier for you by removing the pressure of having to constantly monitor your portfolio, keep up with stock market events, changes in share prices, exchange rates and commodities that all fluctuate with global news.  

Using the services of a Discretionary Portfolio Manager means that the Investment Manager, working to your agreed strategy, decides to what to buy and sell within your portfolio, without needing to seek your prior approval. You do not lose control of your portfolio but you lose the burden.

The benefits of a Discretionary Portfolio Manager are that you delegate the execution of an agreed overall investment strategy to someone with skills and experience and the backing of a specialist research team. You will still have visibility of the management of your portfolio and how it is performing against the targets you have mutually agreed. Your investment strategy will take into account your long term objectives, your attitude to risk and your capacity for loss. It will also take into account your existing investments and how they may be optimised, for example, to utilise pension allowances or mitigate future inheritance tax liabilities. Your Investment Manager uses this information to create a bespoke portfolio for you, selecting the most appropriate funds, equities, bonds or alternative asset classes, with input from the in house research team and investment committees.

Key to your relationship is a personal, client focused service with an individual or a team managing your money that you can speak to when you like and that understands your needs and financial priorities. As you move through life, this investment strategy evolves with you as you build your career or business, move into active retirement and in the stage of life where you consider your beneficiaries.

Regularly reviewing the portfolio with your Investment Manager is a key aspect to the service, as your Investment Manager makes changes to your portfolio at an appropriate time, and can act quickly as markets change.  Quarterly reporting details changes to your portfolio, as well as comprehensive tax calculations to assist you and your accountant. It is, nevertheless, important for you to regularly review your portfolio with your Investment Manager either in a face to face meeting or over the telephone. This ensures your Investment Manager explains the performance of your portfolio to you, learns of any changes to your circumstances and together you can discuss any changes to the investment strategy that may be necessary.

If you need information more regularly you can access our online portal or mobile app* at any time to review your portfolio. To find out more about WHIreland Wealth Management solutions view our services here.

Finally, if you do not already work with a Financial Adviser we can offer supporting Wealth Planning Service to give clear, simple, tailored advice around areas including retirement planning, protecting your wealth or preserving wealth for future generations. 

*launching Q3 2017.

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