Introducing our new brand identity

We are delighted to start the new financial year by introducing a new brand identity for WH Ireland. With heritage dating back to 1872, we have evolved through the years, but our priority has always been giving our clients experienced and trusted advice. We are here to help you see the bigger picture, ensuring you make informed & effective choices when managing your money, as well as your business.

As we grow, it is necessary to review and update our brand to ensure it matches our values as a firm, as well as our strategic aspirations, and we hope that the new brand will continue to strengthen our presence and reputation within our chosen markets.

Out with the old (logo)

The old WH Ireland logo served us well, but it was time to introduce something fresh and modern whilst also retaining elements of our heritage.

When considering our replacement logo, we decided to look back at our heritage. We often talk about how WH Ireland has ties to the founding members of the Manchester Stock Exchange, and decided to incorporate elements of the Stock Exchange’s Edwardian Baroque architecture into our logo by choosing a font with large curves and straight lines. We also decided to keep the signature purple and green colours for our respective business areas, and incorporate these into our logos.

Imagery for the future

Our new illustrations have been designed to work alongside our ‘Helping you see the bigger picture’ tagline. The illustrations depict people seeing ‘the bigger picture’ (for example using binoculars whilst hiking, hot air balloon ride) or completing a journey (for example the bicycle imagery).

For our Capital Markets division, we have chosen to continue the use of illustrations, focussing on London City landmarks.

The WH Ireland shield

The new WH Ireland shield is a reinvention of a legacy emblem. The use of a shield signifies trust & protection, whilst mountains resonate with the movement of markets. We’ve also added the 1872 date to incorporate our heritage.

Reinventing the website

Alongside the announcement of our new brand identity, we have introduced a refreshed website. The new site delivers new content for current and prospective clients in a modern, clean and organised layout to ensure they find the information they are looking for quickly and effectively.

Watch a short video on our rebrand below.