Identity fraud and cyber crime

cyber lock2Identity fraud is a problem which continues to rise year-on-year, and accounted for around 41% of all recorded fraud in 2014.

Whilst we have our own in-house procedures in place to stop us falling victim, there are still some preventative measures which we recommend our clients undertake to stop them falling foul.

Do not hand out personal details over the phone to unknown individuals.

Shred sensitive documents before disposing of them.

Check financial statements regularly for any payments that you have not made.

Always call ‘official’ telephone numbers, our telephone number is 0800 877 8866.

Do not share account information with anyone.

Beware of people looking over your shoulder when you are entering private information on computers, smartphones, tablets or an ATM.

Watch out for ‘phishing’ websites (websites which present themselves as a legitimate business however they are fake and will steal your information).