Guest article: ARRACO FX

A Foreign Exchange Broker gives you access to the most competitive prices in the marketplace, ensures you have the best currency conversion rates whenever and wherever you need to make international payments.

Whether you’re sending or receiving personal or business payments, avoid transaction fees and have confidence knowing a dedicated team of specialists enables the delivery of fast and secure payments.

Client Personal Account

“Our two sons both attend international schools, so we became accustomed to making payments frequently. However, we felt we were paying too much in fees and questioned every time ‚How do we send money overseas and get the most competitive exchange rate?‘. Like most international schools, we’re required to make payments to various offices, so of course, we would incur fees for each transaction. Last year, a friend of ours recommended ARRACO FX and they were outstanding and professional from the start, making our decision to open an account easy. They listened to exactly what we required and delivered a strategy tailored to our needs. Having an account dealer on hand has made the entire process of making international payments much easier knowing there is attention to detail in every transaction. Although using a high-street bank was naturally the first port of call for us, the fundamental advantage of our account is avoiding the 3% average international transaction fee. We‘re now able to send money to our children and their schools straight away without
suffering astronomical fees. A specialist actively managing our transactions provides us with peace of mind that we’re never overpaying to send money. Another great advantage of having our account is exchanging a range of currencies at the best rate possible whenever my husband and I travel abroad for work or leisure.” – ARRACO FX Client.

Client Business Account:

“As a Managing Partner for an SME business that operates in markets globally and makes payments regularly, you soon realise exchange rates move drastically and transaction fees slowly start to stack up. We wanted to pay invoices and not worry about paying thousands just in fees, so having an account that offered zero transaction fees was vital for us as they
were eating into our profits. Another main issue we have as a small business is finding the time to understand currency exposure and keep on top of fluctuations in exchange rates. Although it’s common for businesses like ours to have internal financing when trying to avoid costs, having an FX broker suggest a forward contract based on the regularity of our transactions creates less uncertainty and greater predictability of how much we have to pay. Unlike many banking services, we still have control over the pricing strategy and full access to our account 24/7. A great benefit is always being able to live track
and receive an MT103 for each payment. The ARRACO FX team are professional and genuinely friendly specialists who provide transparency in every transaction and honesty in every conversation. Like any business, knowing our money is being dealt with care gives us one less thing to worry about. Having a dedicated specialist facilitating and ensuring our payments are always made on time provides us with confidence, and sending and receiving payments in minutes has positively impacted our relationship with clients across the world. Many of our employees are rugby fans so, having tickets to our local games has been an extra perk now the new season has started.” – ARRACO FX Client.

Whether it’s for personal or business purposes, you’ll have your very own dedicated account dealer to control your payments securely and help you execute the best FX price. Get in touch with the ARRACO FX team on 00 44 (0) 208 065 4100 or contact