There are 235,986,209 shares in issue, with no Treasury Shares.

Shares held by Directors are as follows:

Phillip Wale 254,600 (0.10%)

Significant shareholders (3% or more) are as follows:

TFG Asset Management UK LLP 70,559,877* (29.90%*)
Melvin Lawson 22,950,134 (9.73%)
UBS Investment Bank 19,855,841 (8.41%)
Clarendon Trust – Sab Fund B 9,169,999 (3.90%)
*TFG Asset Management also have an indirect interest in a further 20,906,865 existing Ordinary Shares (a further 8.96%) by way of contract for differences.

Pursuant to the AIM Rules for Companies and insofar as it is aware, the percentage of the Company’s AIM securities that are not in public hands is 68.07%.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of WH Ireland AIM securities. The Company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.