Shareholder information – WH Ireland Financial Services Company, Wealth Management & Corporate Broking | WHIreland

There are 48,729,921 shares in issue, with no Treasury Shares.

Shares held by Directors are as follows:

Phillip Wale 171,295 (0.28%)
Simon Lough 471,784 (0.76%)
Philip Shelley 1,580,598 (2.55%)
Stephen Ford 479,217 (0.77%)
Alistair Buchanan 223,649 (0.36%)
Helen Sinclair 892 (0.001%)

Significant shareholders (3% or more) are as follows:

Polygon Global Partners LLP* 18,576,022 (29.95%)
M&G Investments Limited 9,240,000 (14.90%)
Oceanwood Capital Management LLP 6,869,097 (11.08%)
Hargreave Hale Limited 3,789,583 (6.11%)
M Lawson 2,835,646 (4.57%)
Sanne Fiduciary Services Limited (as trustee for the WHI ESOT) 2,189,500 (3.50%)

Pursuant to the AIM Rules for Companies and insofar as it is aware, the percentage of the Company’s AIM securities that are not in public hands is 68.07%.

There are no restrictions on the transfer of WH Ireland AIM securities. The Company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.