Institutional Sales

Investor connections

Our sales team builds relationships with investors who can provide capital to corporate clients. We have access to an extensive network of investors encompassing institutions, private client brokers, VCTs, EIS, private equity, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Dedicated support

We are proud of our track record of delivering returns to investors on the transactions we undertake. Our Institutional Sales team works with our sector analysts and company management to develop an understanding of investment opportunities. We use this knowledge to advise on the best source of capital for the investment opportunity, develop presentations, organise road shows and generate the required levels of funding from a quality, stable client base. A close partnership and understanding of company goals is essential.


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Corporate Finance & Broking

We can provide advice in respect of a range of corporate finance solutions.

Equity Research

We publish a variety of research to keep investors informed.

Investor Relations

We support your shareholders and potential investors.

Market Making

We aim to provide greater liquidity to market participants.


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