Shareholder Information

Correct as of 24 July 2018

Shares Issued

There are 29,865,179 shares in issue, with no Treasury Shares.

Major Shareholders

Shares held by Directors are as follows:

R Killingbeck 910,000 (3.05%)
R E M Lee 30,267 (0.10%)
D Cowland 10,000 (0.03%)

In addition, the Company's Employee Share Ownership Trust which is operated by Sanne Trust Company Limited hold 2,139,500 shares as trustees, 1,000,000 of which are jointly owned by Richard Killingbeck on the terms announced on 29th October 2013, 100,000 of which are jointly owned by Dan Cowland, on the terms announced on 24th July 2014, with a further 150,000 of which are jointly owned by Dan Cowland, on the terms announced on 13th April 2016. All rights to vote in respect of these shares have been waived.

Other shareholders are as follows:

Polygon Global Partners LLP 6,972,126 (25.36%)
Oceanwood Capital Management LLP 4,334,214 (15.58%)
Abdulaziz Al-Bader 2,750,000 (9.21%)
Waleed Al-Thaqeb 1,220,000 (4.09%)
Thamer Al-Wazzan 2,555,079 (8.56%)

Shares Not in Public Hands

Pursuant to the AIM Rules for Companies and insofar as it is aware, the percentage of the Company's AIM securities that are not in public hands is 16.38%.

AIM Securities Transfer Restriction

There are no restrictions on the transfer of WH Ireland AIM securities. The Company is not listed on any other exchanges or trading platforms.

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