Enjoying life after work

Whether you are currently working, close to retirement or you have already retired, a recent study found that over-50s are busier than ever.

Adequately planning for life after work is important so that you enjoy life to the full. With the introduction of recent pensions freedoms changes to have individuals access their pensions are complex and given these, we will review your pension arrangements to ensure your contribution levels are in line, as well as recommend the best strategies to ensure you have sufficient income in your retirement.

We will review the pension(s) are currently invested in and;

•  ensure that they are suited your intended retirement plans

•  the investment choices are suitable, and

•  are working as hard as they can for you.



What about providing for your family after you are gone?

Reviewing your pension(s), savings and investments, will ensure that your intentions of how any those assets will be shared with your loved ones upon your death. You want to continue to provide for your family or, ensure that your wealth is shared with your family in a tax efficient way.

Long-term care for you or a relative

Many of us do not currently have sufficient funds set aside for our later-life care; whether that be for ourselves or a family member. Government support may be available to the most urgent of circumstances, however, many assume that the state can be relied upon to provide care for elderly relatives.

Most families will have to fund long-term care costs themselves so, whether you are planning ahead or you need to find a solution urgently, we will work out the most appropriate way to fund long-term care and the likely amount required.

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Other areas we can help you with

Our expert Wealth Planners

Whether your goal is retirement planning or protecting and preserving your wealth, our expert Wealth Planners will take the time to thoroughly understand your financial ambitions and goals, your attitude towards risk and any concerns you may have.

Your local WHIreland office

We can advise you on a range of wealth management and investment services. With a regional presence across the UK, learn more at an office near you.

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