Refer a friend to us and share a £200 experience gift set

If you are an existing private client of our London office, you and a friend can each receive an experience gift set from Buyagift, worth £100, when your friend opens and funds a WHIreland discretionary investment portfolio.

How it works

Step 1
Let us know your details and the details of your friend
We need you to let us know a few basic details about you and your friend so that we can begin the process. Don’t forget to get your friend’s permission to disclose their details to us.
Step 2
One of our investment managers will then contact your friend 
We will then contact your friend to arrange a mutually convenient time to discuss their investment requirements and begin the account opening process. Your friend will need to fund a discretionary portfolio with a minimum of £100,000.
Step 3
You both receive an experience gift set from Buyagift
The Buyagift experience gift set will give you and your friend access to over 4,500 gift experiences available via their website,


Refer a friend now

What can I get with the gift set?

With over 4,500 gift experiences including brands such as Hilton, Michelin, Champneys and Silverstone, there really is something for everyone. Just some of the many experiences you can choose are:

Supercar driving experiences

Flying experiences

Afternoon tea for two at a choice of hundreds of venues

Cookery lessons

Spa days

Two night hotel break for two

Theatre show with three course meal and wine for two

Three course Michelin starred meal for two

See the full list of gift experiences at

How to qualify for the offer?

You must be an existing client of WHIreland Wealth Management, London office, with more than £100,000 invested with us in a discretionary account; and

You will need to know your friend’s email address and have obtained their consent to disclose their details to us.

What your friend will need to do?

Speak to one of our investment mangers to complete the account opening process.

Then, open and fund a discretionary investment portfolio with a minimum of £100,000.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I recommend a friend who already has a WHIreland investment portfolio?

How many friends can I recommend?

When will I receive my experience gift set?

What happens if my friend closes their account after taking advantage of the offer?

I recommended a friend a while ago and haven’t received my experience gift set yet.

Can I call you to Refer a Friend rather than completing your online form?

I have received an email to say I’m not getting an experience gift set. Why is this?

One or both of us do not have an email address, can we still each receive the experience gift set?

Refer a friend now




Refer a Friend – Terms and conditions

This offer is based on an existing client of our London office recommending a friend who successfully opens and funds a discretionary investment portfolio with the minimum amount of £100,000.

We may change, extend or withdraw this offer at any time and without letting you know.

This offer is not available to WHIreland Group employees.

For an existing client referring a friend to us to qualify for this offer they must:
• Be an existing client of our London office with more than £100,000 invested with us in a discretionary account in their sole or joint names.
• Refer a Friend only by following the Refer a Friend instructions on our website.
• Not recommend themselves to WHIreland Wealth Management.

If the recommender wishes to refer further friends, they will need to complete a separate recommendation for each friend they are recommending.

For a recommended friend to qualify for the Refer a Friend offer, the recommended friend must follow the following steps:
• They must speak to one of our investment managers to discuss their investment requirements and subsequently complete our relevant account opening document, in full, and submit to us along with the appropriate identification documentation we are required to obtain from all parties to the account under local regulations.
• Once the appropriate account is open, it must be funded with a minimum of £100,000 before we will issue an experience gift set to either the recommender or the recommended friend.
• Should the recommended friend close their account within three months of it being opened and funded, we reserve the right to recover the cost of the experience gift set from the recommender and the recommended friend within six months.

We can only accept one online recommendation form for the recommended friend even if the friend is recommended by more than one recommender.

If all the conditions above are met and the recommended friend successfully opens and funds – with the minimum amount – a discretionary investment portfolio, we will send the recommender and recommended friend an experience gift set each within 30 days.

There is no limit to the number of friends a recommender can recommend to WHIreland.

Joint accounts will only qualify for one experience gift set even if more than one account is opened with us. This means that if the recommended friend opens and funds – with the minimum amount – a discretionary investment portfolio in joint names, only one experience gift set each will be sent to the recommender and the recommended friend’s joint account.

If the recommender or recommended friend holds any other accounts with WHIreland Wealth Management or WHIreland International Wealth which are currently in arrears or, have management fees outstanding, they will not qualify for this offer.

Personal information submitted to us through our website will only be used for the purposes of this offer and the type of information collected includes yours and your friend’s name, address, email address and contact telephone number. Before you disclose your friend’s personal information to us, you must obtain their consent to both the disclosure and the processing of that personal information in accordance with the terms and conditions of this offer.

To find out more call us on 0800 877 8866