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Illustrative charges for a portfolio of £500,000 assuming 75% is invested in collective funds with an average Ongoing Charges Figure (OCF) of 0.69% with 7 transactions of £15,000 in collective funds annually; 25% invested in direct equities with 6 transactions (3 purchases and 3 sells) of £12,000 in direct equites annually. Transaction size and value are based on the average for the service provided, and will vary according to individual circumstances.

Investment Management @ 0.40% £2,000
VAT @ 20% £400
Custody charge @ 0.30% £1,500
Total Management Charge £3,900
Commission £2,212.50
Transaction charges £195
Stamp duty of purchases on UK equities @ 0.5% (12,000 x 0.5% x 3) £180
Panel on Takeovers & Mergers Levy on UK equity trades (£1 x 6) £6
External fund charges (75% of £500,000 using 0.69% OCF) £2,587.50
Total Other Charges £5,181
Total Illustrative Charges inc. VAT £9,081

The annual cost figure will impact the overall performance of your portfolio to the value of £9,081 or 1.81%.