Services for Financial Advisers

Partnering with you

We understand that financial advisers need to work hard to meet their clients financial objectives.

We offer two services for financial advisers; our Bespoke Discretionary Management Service, that allows you to outsource the management of your clients’ portfolios, letting you focus on holistic financial planning; and a ‘Core and Satellite’ Portfolio Service. These can be supplemented by our specialist IHT and EIS tax efficient portfolios where appropriate.

Both services are managed by our experienced investment managers who are supported by our specialist research team and can be used alongside ISAs, personal pensions such as SIPPs, Trusts or included in an offshore bond.

Working with you

As an adviser you retain and manage the client relationship, with responsibility for your clients overall financial planning requirements and suitability, whilst we focus on managing their portfolio to meet their investment objectives.

Fundamental to our investment philosophy is that the money we invest is not ours. In simple terms, we aim to protect and grow your clients’ wealth over time. We have the following four proven beliefs;  

Asset allocation rather than stock selection generally has a greater influence on portfolio performance.

We believe in an active approach to portfolio management with an emphasis on research.

We are not constrained by investment styles and base our decisions on fundamental analysis.

Investment performance and risk are two sides of the same coin. Intelligent management of risk is a fundamental aspect of portfolio design.

To find out more about our investment process, please contact us for more information.

Working with you

Our Bespoke Discretionary Portfolio Management Service allows you to pass over the day to day management of your client’s portfolio to an investment manager, who will use their in-depth experience of financial markets to create a bespoke portfolio and manage on an ongoing basis, however markets are faring.


We specialise in providing a bespoke service for you and your clients, recognising that no two clients are alike. We can work in tandem with you to ensure your clients portfolio forms part of your wider financial planning.

Constant monitoring

We help you with day to day investment decisions, thus relieving you of the burden of having to react to fast moving markets and changing economic circumstances.

Access to professional research

By investing in a WHIreland portfolio, financial advisers and clients have access to high quality in-house and externally sourced research on direct equities, bonds and funds.


Portfolios may include a wide range of investments from equities and bonds, to alternatives. This includes unit and investment trusts, exchange traded funds, open ended investment companies (OEICS) and alternative instruments such as EIS and hedge funds.

If you are considering outsourcing your clients' discretionary investment management, we are happy to discuss in more detail. Please call us on 0800 877 8866.

Core and Satellite Portfolios

We offer a team that provides specialist services exclusively to intermediaries seeking to outsource aspects of investment management. Investments are based on a Core and Satellite approach – a strategic Core of ETFs with a tactical overlay. The aim is to maximise returns within specified risk parameters while providing a high degree of liquidity and minimising costs.

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