Working in Wealth Planning

We are actively looking to recruit experienced Independent Financial Planners in Bristol, Cardiff, London and Manchester.

At WHIreland we ensure we have the resources in place, including the right technology, research and paraplanning support so our IFAs can provide full holistic wealth planning advice and deliver a client experience to be proud of.

If you are interested in working for a long established company that’s future focus is to continue to offer quality independent wealth planning advice to existing and new clients then please contact us today by emailing [email protected].


Meet the team

Luke Keattch new

Luke Keattch - Paraplanner, Bristol office

"In summary, a Paraplanner is a person who works with a Financial Planner or Financial Adviser and completes a number of the non-client facing tasks involved in preparing and administering a Financial Plan or Report for a client.

I would have to say I am the most fortunate of my colleagues for one reason. I live only 20 minutes’ walk from our Bristol office so as much I would like to say I am an early bird, I don’t really need to be! I normally set off from home around 8:00am to 8:15am. I listen to LBC on my morning commute to listen to the latest news and to find out if anything is going to affect the markets.

My first job of the day to skim read through all my unread emails I received after leaving the night before. If the email is from my adviser, a provider about a client or an interest development in the pension/investment world, I leave it open and go back to it. Many of the emails I receive are from the likes of Investment Week or Citywire so there are always some interesting stories. I certainly recommend signing up to those types of daily investment emails.

Some mornings involve a breakfast meeting with a fund manager who will be looking to discuss a new fund range or update us on a fund we already use. These sessions are always useful as you get the experience of talking and learning about new topics and you can also learn a lot about what is happening in the investment markets around the world.

After getting the other members of my team a cup of coffee (team player me!), I will either continue a report or review pack from the previous day or I will act on one of the emails I have received from my advisor. These could include adding a client meeting in the diary, chasing a provider for information or adding a new client or new piece of business to the work in progress spreadsheet.

Many of the reports I write come in two main forms; a suitability report which is used as our way of communicating to a client our advice and recommendations for any new business be it pension transfers, topping up ISAs or an Inheritance Tax solution. The other form of report is used after the advisor has had an annual review meeting with a client. This will normally involve rebalancing a portfolio to bring it back in line with the risk profile of the client.

I am never one for taking a full hour for lunch. I am either munching on a lovely lunch my partner has made me or nipping our to grab a quick bite. There’s always something going on that needs dealing with so taking the hour isn't always doable.

This part of the day is most productive. I normally put my headphones in and listen to something calming as I finish off a client report or prepare a review pack for an existing client. There are many occasions though that I am taking them out to call a provider or adviser for more information or a client calls up to get information about their portfolio or product.

There are many occasions that the job may require a bit of extra time at the end of the day to prepare for a meeting the next day or finish off some reviews.  The importance of our job is to ensure that the adviser has everything they need to be able to give the client the best advice and recommendations."

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