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Corporate Finance and Broking

Our Corporate Finance team leads our relationships with corporate clients.

We specialise in providing corporate finance and broking services to small companies across a wide range of industry sectors and geographies. Our focus is on ensuring that all our clients are well positioned to achieve their business goals.

Our team is made up of highly experienced individuals from a range of professional backgrounds, enabling them to provide strategic, technical and regulatory advice to clients. Our advice includes pre IPO fundraising, IPOs and secondary issues, mergers and acquisitions, disposals, restructuring and tender offers.

We have extensive experience of admitting our clients to the AIM Market, giving them access to a respected market. All companies on AIM must appoint a nominated adviser (“NOMAD”) and we act as a NOMAD.

For Corporate Finance enquiries, contact Chris Fielding

 WH Ireland Head of Corporate Finance Chris Fielding

Phone WH Ireland Head of Corporate Finance Chris Fielding +44 (0)20 7220 1650

Email WH Ireland Head of Corporate Finance Chris Fielding

Investors connections

Our sales team is focused on building relationships with investors to provide capital to Corporates. Our strong network of contacts gives us access to the small cap institutional market. We are able to market shares in our corporate clients to existing and new institutional investors, as well as an extensive network of private client brokers, venture capital trusts, family offices and high net worth individuals.

Dedicated support

We are proud of our track record of delivering returns to investors on the transactions we undertake. Institutional sales work with our sector analysts and the company management to develop an understanding of investment opportunities. We use this knowledge to develop presentations, organise road shows and generate the required levels of funding from a quality, stable client base.

For more information, contact Jasper Berry

 WH Ireland Head of Institutional Sales Jasper Berry

Email WH Ireland Head of Institutional Sales Jasper Berry +44 (0)20 7220 1690

Phone WH Ireland Head of Institutional Sales Jasper Berry

Connecting buyers and sellers

Since 2011, WHIreland has been making markets growing from acting from approximately 30 companies to approximately 75 today.

We ensure we have an in-depth understanding of the companies we trade and aim to provide greater liquidity to the market and more commercial prices than those of our competitors.

We offer prices not only to our existing institutional clients via the relevant sales team but also to the retail broking community, via our Retail Service Provider (RSP) link, thereby raising the profile of the companies in which we make markets.

For more information, contact Richard McCulloch

Richard McCulloch

Phone WH Ireland Head of Market Making Simon Doyle +44 (0)20 7220 1653

Email WH Ireland Head of Market Making Simon Doyle

Supporting your shareholders and potential investors

Our investor relations team focuses on managing the relationship between each of our corporate clients and their shareholders and potential investors.

The team develop and support our corporate client’s shareholder relationships, promoting the investment rationale on an ongoing basis to enable corporates to utilise equity markets when needed and ensure a fair valuation for the company’s shares in the market.  

We work with each corporate client to ensure that their investor relations strategy is consistent with and supports the corporate strategy.  

We analyse how best to portray a company that may be complex or relatively unknown. We then work with corporate clients to organise and manage regular face to face contact with investors through roadshows, meetings and site visits. Additionally, we provide investor feedback reports for corporate clients, alongside market intelligence reports and shareholder analysis. 

Contact Jessica Metcalf, Head of Investor Relations, to find out more

Jessica Metcalf, WH Ireland Head of Investor Relations

Phone Jessica Metcalf, WH Ireland Head of Investor Relations +44 (0)113 394 6623

Email Jessica Metcalf, WH Ireland Head of Investor Relations

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